Deluxe Terrarium Plants

These plants will make an attractive addition to many vivariums and serve as more than just for aesthetics.

They can create good hiding places for smaller lizards and geckos, and provide diffusion for UV bulbs for species requiring lower UV radiation such as chameleons and nocturnal geckos.

Exo Terra Terrarium Plants

We stock a vast range of Exo Terra artificial plants including hanging plants and Exo Terra’s range of Smart Plants, such as the Dart Frog Bromelia.

These are great quality plants and can make a fantastic addition to your vivarium to give it that more natural look.

They are also very helpful for providing cover and hiding places for many animals including chameleons.

Komodo Standing Plants

Komodo have recently introduced a range of standing plants that would make great decorative items to add that naturalistic touch to your animal’s environment.

They are very well decorated and look extremely realistic and are perfect for terrestrial species such as leopard geckos and amphibians.

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