Media & Displays

We stock some of the healthiest and most stunning reptiles in the UK and as a wholesaler, we always have a large array of animals available.

We welcome opportunities to provide animals and practical assistance for photography days, photo-shoots and other photography experiences and have found these to be highly successful in the past. Take a look at our recent collaboration with CaptiveLight Photography. Our experienced staff can help you choose the animals that will suit your requirements and can help to make sure that you don’t end up with animals that are a handful.

We are keen to get involved in promoting the ethical and responsible care of reptiles and exotics in the UK. We have worked in the past on various TV programmes, giving our opinions on the goings on of the reptile trade, getting involved in interviews, and providing animals and practical assistance for displays and shows. We are always looking for more ways to actively and positively influence the way reptiles and exotics are kept and the public opinion of the reptile trade in the UK.

Our staff have a wealth of experience to be able to provide advice and help on TV and Media projects involving reptiles; helping choose any animal(s) you may require and giving advice and/or practical help to manage particular animals.

For more information call us or see us in-store at the Bournemouth branch.

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