ND Vivaria

ND Vivaria a pre-built to a very high standard, with no manufacturer markings and their unique 2-part vents.

ND Vivaria have proven to be some of the best-built vivaria on the market. They are made from thicker wood than most other manufacturers and come with solid wood back – as opposed to a card back. The melamine coating is machined on, which makes it last far longer and prevents it from chipping and the construction is well sealed by silicone around each joint.

Exo Terra Glass Tanks

Exo Terra Glass Terrariums are one of the most popular glass tanks on the market. They are suitable for most amphibians and reptiles that require lower temperatures – such as crested geckos.

Exo Terra Glass Terrariums all come with a decorative background, which helps to create a naturalistic feel to your animal’s enclosure and works well as climbing equipment. Their easy to remove vented lids and glass doors make it easy to access the inside of the tank for maintenance and cleaning and a lock on the glass doors ensure the doors do not come open by accident.

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