Thermostats are literally lifesavers when it comes to keeping reptiles.

Habistat thermostats have proven – in our experience – to be some of the most reliable, efficient and effective thermostats on the market and we personally use Habistat thermostats on all our tanks at both of our stores.

Thermostats can be used to control heat sources and there is a thermostat suitable for virtually all heat sources including incandescent and infra-red bulbs, ceramic heaters and bulbs, heat mats and heat strips.

Compact UV Bulbs

Compact UV bulbs are ideal for smaller tanks where there may not be room for a UV tube or for use with the Exo Terra canopies.

We stock both the Exo Terra range of UV compact bulbs, as well as the Arcadia 10% UV compact bulb range. The Exo Terra range comes in both 5.0% and 10.0% UVB and in 13w and 26w strengths.

Arcadia UV Lighting

Arcadia produce what are arguably the best UVB tubes on the market. We stock both the Euro range at 10% strength and their D3+ range at 12% strength.

Both ranges are ideal for virtually all reptiles. We recommend using the 10-12% tubes even for chameleons and amphibians and providing them with suitable shaded areas so that they have the ability to choose the intensity of UV that they requirefor themselves.

Heat Lamps

Our heat lamp range has been chosen to provide you with the greatest selection of heating options for your vivarium whilst making sure there are no products that do not perform to our own high standards.

If incandescent and Infra-Red bulbs are not powerful enough to heat a particularly large enclosure, your best option is to use Ceramic heat bulbs. We supply ceramic heat bulbs from 75-250W, as well as all the ceramic fittings and protective cage guards required for the safe use of ceramic bulbs.

Heat Mats

Habistat’s standard heat mats are suitable for being placed inside wooden vivaria as a hot-spot and are safe for use with most species, excluding tortoises and some larger monitors.

They do not overheat and therefore rarely need to be combined with a Mat-Stat, unless the heat mat is heating a small enclosure with little ventilation.

We also stock the new range of Habistat High powered heat mats, which are great for use with Exo Terra glass tanks, where they can be stuck to the side of the tank using the self-adhesive strips to heat the entire enclosure and produce a great hot spot too!

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